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[Poem Of The Day] Happiness By Leemah (Must Read)

Popular Poem Writer for A2satBlog, Miss Leemah has taken to the Pen again to drop us a Fantastic Poem, Titled HAPPINESS. Enjoy!


I walked up to a philosopher
That seek truth through reasoning,
Rather than empiricism.
To tell Me what is happiness.

I went to famous executives
Who bosses the work of thousands of men
They all shook their heads,take a look at me
And gave me a smile as though
I was trying to play around with them

One Saturday morning
I looked through the window
I saw a couple, jogging down the road
They were so happy
They aren't saying anything
They only take a look at each other and smile
It's early in the morning and
They are doing this things together.

Happiness. It come unexpectedly and
Goes beyond really
Any morning talk about it

It's everywhere, if permitted.
Happiness is free

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